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Low Hangin Fruit T-Shirt and Album


Earwolf is very excited to present the debut album of stand-up comedian James Adomian, Low Hangin Fruit!

James has been an Earwolf favorite for years, performing popular characters (Jesse "The Body" Ventura, Paul Giamatti, Huell Howser, etc.) on podcasts like Comedy Bang! Bang! and Sklarbro Country.  He was also a finalist on NBC's Last Comic Standing and was recently named as one of the Best New Stand-Up Comedians of 2012 by Esquire Magazine.

On his album he performs as Jesse Ventura and Gary Busey and talks about Facebook, Barnes & Noble, and gay villains.

To commemorate this hilarious album, we've made a t-shirt based on his Gay Villains joke. Buy both the album (digital or physical) and the t-shirt for $27 or grab the album alone for $10 or the t-shirt alone for $20.
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